The UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources (OER) at Otago Polytechnic and the OER Foundation was established to support the planning and implementation of the OERu.

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In 2013, the UNESCO Chairs in OER were also appointed as ICDE OER chairs.  The Chair at Otago Polytechnic and the OER Foundation collaborates with the international network of OERu  partners.

The OERu helps learners study world-class OER courses for free – and count them towards real qualifications!

OERu logoThe OERu is an international innovation partnership using OER courses to give people access to more affordable education.  Become an OERu partner and join our philanthropic collaboration to ensure more sustainable education for all.


  • Do you have an internet connection? Interested in learning online with others from around the world? OERu gives you the chance to study independently, from home, with access to world-class courses from recognised institutions. Read more …
  • Meet our international network of recognised partner institutions from five continents. OERu is a low cost, low risk – but high impact initiative. Become an OERu partner and learn how your institution can reduce the costs and time required to produce high-quality online courses, while working towards social inclusion.
  • Our list of university-level courses is growing. Study online for free and submit assessments when you are ready to have your learning recognised for formal academic credit.

320px-Yamashita_Yohei_-_CC_on_Orange_(by)Want to learn more about OER and open licensing?

The UNESCO OER Chair network regularly offer free online courses through OERu.

320px-GoldenMeadowsWant to help plan sustainable OERu futures?

Planning is conducted openly and transparently from the OERu portal on WikiEducator.