OCL4Ed 14.02 reaches 50+ countries

Open Content Licensing for Educators (OCL4Ed) continues to demonstrate its international reach with participants from more than 50 countries signing up to learn more about OERs, copyright and Creative Commons.

OCL4Ed 14.02 is the sixth instance of this open online course. OCL4Ed 14.02 learners will be joining  2,693 learners who have registered previously for this free learning opportunity.

The course materials for OCL4Ed were originally developed as a collaborative project by volunteers from the OER FoundationWikiEducator, the OpenCourseWare Consortium and Creative Commons with funding support from the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States. To the best of our knowledge, OCL4Ed was the fist comprehensive open course on OERs, copyright and Creative Commons designed for educators where all course materials were published under a Creative Commons Attribution license and developed openly as a collaborative open design project.

Thanks to open licensing, the UNESCO-COL OER Chair network in collaboration with the OERu international partnership can scale capacity development in OERs  in support of the UNESCO 2012 Paris OER Declaration on a global scale.


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